Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brand: Brora

 Established in 1993
Fine Scottish Cashmere and Beautiful Clothing
"It is a lifestyle business as well as a business business,.." 
Victoria Stapleton

"I have got three young children and don't just want to be a career woman with no family time."
Victoria Stapelton is the founder, owner and creativ director from Brora

The clothing collection is made mainly in the UK, with the emphasis strongly on quality of workmanship and details.

Brora uses traditional factories all around the Brititsh Isles where seamstress' skills have been passed down through generation.

There are over 50 processes involved in making a Brora cashmere jumper and this attention to detail gives every garment its luxurious finish and fabulous feel.

Continuous investment in the latest cutting technology combines with traditional skills and techniques to ensure the quality and longevity of every Brora pieces.

Creating a clothing range was a natural progression born out of Victoria's love of vintage designs and her passion for colour.

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