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The Caroline Sills company Part I. - Devenport / New Zealand

Over the past four months, I got the opportunity to take part in Caroline Sills company's life.  I participated in the development and preparation of the next winter collection. During this experience I could get a bit taste of the New Zealand fashion life thanks to Ange Todd - the company's head-fashion designer. I met some of the world textile traders who were comming from Australia, China and they showed us the actual fabrics trends and we visited the local traders also. I had an amazing three months at Caroline Sills and am very grateful to be part of the company for this time. I can say only Thank you very much for all employees from the company's manager to everyone!

I was interested also How everything started? So I talked about the past with the company's employees.
Special thanks to the help of this article writing to June Remmers -  Manager of the Caroline Sills company.

Timeless style

Caroline began in a very small way designing the range herself with the help of one sample knitter and group of outworkers. From these small beginnings her business has grown until today we see the Caroline Sills, Kathryn Wilson in lot of boutiques in New Zealand and Overseas. In addition to knitwear the labels incorporate woven and shoe section from Kathryn Wilson.

Fashion Cruise -  Pacific Princess: Cruise passengers saw more than the New Zealand coastline.

The leopard knitted sweater is like a jumper from the today fashion magazines.

In the beginning Caroline's only label was Caroline Sills but for some time she felt there was need for another and in 1992 she introduced the Calliope Road label, which embraced directional-easy wear styling. 

Calliope Road 1992

Calliope Road label was welcomed by retailers and consumers – the Birzeit label, which was created precisely with the bigger woman in mind was introduced. 

BIRZEIT - "The designers researched the concept of dressing the bigger woman with diligence and thoughtfulness. They have achieved all they set out to do and have created a range of knitwear and woven which will appeal to the most discerning." Quote from the company's archive

In 2000 and in 2002 Richard Moore and Kathryne Wilson joined her team. Richard as head designer Kathryn as his assistant. Under umbrella of Caroline Sills both have subsequently launched their own label, the Richard Moore label in knitwear and apparel and for Kathryn Wilson her shoe label.

Richard Moore label - Knitted garments in the spirit of womanhood

Natural Beauty at Richard Moore

To be continued ...

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