Monday, 5 March 2012

Designer: Isabel Berglund

 Isabel Berglund
She is a knitwear designer from Danemark. She studied at Central Saint Martins College of Fashion and Textile, London.

Photo credit: Christoffer Askman

"Can you handle me"

"Purple Eeg leg"
Isabel Berglund in biennalen for Crafts and Design 
2011 Koldinghus Denmark.

" Queens chair" in the exhibition "Wool Modern" La galleria Pall Mall 
London 2011

 "Easy chair" 2011.

"Floating pearls", "Mirror me" and "Home with a tree" in the exhibition "Mailles - art in lane" at Maison du Danemark Paris 2011

Isabel Berglund in Museum Bellerive Zürich 2011

"She keeps spiders in her..."

"City of stitches"

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