Sunday, 20 May 2012

Designer: Jum Nakao

Jum Nakao is a fashion designer and a creation director, Brazilian and grandson of Japanese. He lives in the city of São Paulo where his atelier is located.
Firstly, he believed that the support of his work could be electronics and computing, but he quitted this sector for considering the formal studies far too distant from human sight.
It was in fashion that Jum realized the possibility of this approach and started his studies in 1984. In 1988, he took licensure in Plastic Arts at Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado and, in 1989, academic extension program in History of Garment at Instituto de Museologia de São Paulo [Institute of Museology of São Paulo] and History of Fashion at SENAC.

His intricate and architectural paper dresses were displayed at the Paper Fashion exhibition in MoMu in Antwerp, Belgium. At the end of the show, the models ripped themselves out of their dresses (as shown in video).

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