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The Caroline Sills company Part II. - Devenport / New Zealand

Over the past four months, I got the opportunity to take part in Caroline Sills company's life.  I participated in the development and preparation of the next winter collection. During this experience I could get a bit taste of the New Zealand fashion life thanks to Ange Todd - the company's head-fashion designer. I met some of the world textile traders who were comming from Australia, China and they showed us the actual fabrics trends and we visited the local traders also. I had an amazing three months at Caroline Sills and am very grateful to be part of the company for this time. I can say only Thank you very much for all employees from the company's manager to everyone!

I was interested also How everything started? So I talked about the past with the company's employees.
Special thanks to the help of this article writing to June Remmers -  Manager of the Caroline Sills company.
Because it was so difficult to choose pictures from the archive, here are some more nice image from Caroline Sills company's past.

3 characteristic designer from the 80's : Trelise Cooper, Caroline Sills and Jane Daniels

 Jane Daniels, Trelise Cooper and Caroline Sills

Autumn/Winter 1990
New Zeland Top designer
" the quality, detail and overall styling are consistent with the high
standard required by The Three Bears and today's modern woman. "


Tags from the archive of the company
Under the name  "Lloyd's" brand, men knitted garments were made.

Richard Moore new spirit at the company - brash, youthful, feminine style.
Richard Moore: fine knitted cardigan

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