Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Caroline Sills company Part III. - Devenport / New Zealand

Over the past four months, I got the opportunity to take part in Caroline Sills company's life.  I participated in the development and preparation of the next winter collection. During this experience I could get a bit taste of the New Zealand fashion life thanks to Ange Todd - the company's head-fashion designer. I met some of the world textile traders who were comming from Australia, China and they showed us the actual fabrics trends and we visited the local traders also. I had an amazing three months at Caroline Sills and am very grateful to be part of the company for this time. I can say only Thank you very much for all employees from the company's manager to everyone!

"As most of the fashion conscious know Caroline Sills synonymous with excellence in knitwear and apparel.

Caroline became involved with fashion in the early 1980's mainly because she could see a gap in the market which she felt she could fill.
With one pattern maker - in the basement of of her house she was full steam ahead. Of course that situation had to change as more and more people demanded more. For some year now 70% of garments are made overseas - with Caroline Sills keeping  finger on the pulse. 

In the beginning garments were sold in the Cook St. market to very appreciative public and it soon became apparent that a larger and bigger premises was required - the operation is now in the business sector of Devenport. With a staff of 20. and over 100 retailers and 3 retail outlets.

The premier label has always been Caroline Sills. The label you know so well but in 1992 she launched Calliope - this addition was well received by retailers and consumers alike...

Caroline plays major role and along with accountant husband Lloyd - who holds the purse strings and embracing the new generation: daughters Toni and Christina. Along with designers all pulling together and creating a working environment which cannot help but produce garments with style and superb quality.

 Caroline was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the fashion industry. Many students are proud to have done the IR work experience with Caroline Sills."

Special thanks to the help of this article writing to June Remmers -  Manager of the Caroline Sills company.

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